by Julianne Le


This DeCal is an exploration of what branding is and how it works, through the eyes of a designer.
Each student will come up with a brand concept for a company/ business that's imaginary or real.
Students will cultivate skills of conceptualizing and visualizing, and learn the basic skills of graphic design as a means to make those ideas a reality. They will also learn about branding, and how to use graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
by Anissa Rashid
Students walk away with a branding project they can add to their portfolio. Check out Spring 2020's works here!


Does this course require experience in graphic design?
When is the application due? When will I know if I got in?
What are the assignments like?
How is the class graded?
What will I gain from this course?
Can I audit?
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Applications are due Thursday Sept. 3rd, and results will be released on or before Sunday, September 6th. Those who are accepted will need to confirm their enrollment in the class before Tuesday, Sept 8th 12:00PM (noon!), or else spots will be given to those on the waitlist.
Our first class will be on Wednesday, Sept. 9th 7pm.
Only a decent understanding of how to use Photoshop, Illustrator or other digital design tools is necessary. The course will teach some tips and tricks about these programs, but not go in-depth to teach. However, we will accept a wide range of students of different skill levels.
The final project/deliverable of the class is to build a brand. Thus, there will be weekly design assignments and readings to help define and create the assets of your brand.
There is a maximum of a 100 points to attain in the class, and they are broken down into:
Attendance/Participation (30 points)
Class Assignments (30 points)
Presentation-Artist Statement (10 points)
Final project/Critique (30 points)
To pass, one needs to attain at least 70 points. There will be a late penalty of -50% if work is not submitted on time.
You would gain an understanding of the importance of branding, as well how a brand is crafted and built. Additionally, we will have lectures about graphic design, typography, color and more! Many students have added their work to their portfolio!
Yes! If you are a Berkeley student, you can do so by adding our lecture to your google calendar, which has the zoom link. Here it is!
simple foods
by Bryan Huang


Meet the instructors!
Jago Pang
Cognitive Science
Fun Fact: I'm from Hong Kong!
Katrina Romulo
Sustainable Env. Design
Fun Fact: I have tiny hands.
Mimi Liu
Cognitive Science & Linguistics
Fun Fact: My hairdresser's name is also Mimi.
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